Associazione Italiana Economisti dell'Energia - AIEE
AIEE a non-profit professional organisation an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences anong energy experts.
Affiliate of the International Association for Energy Economics - IAEE

It acts as an independent consulting organisation for national and international organisations to whom it provides a broad contribution of energy economics, policymaking and theory. It also provides a means of professional communication and exchange with the institutions in charge of the definition of the Italian energy policy through meetings and joint initiatives.


AIEE Energy Symposium on Current and Future Challenges to Energy Security
Milan, 10-12 December 2018
the third edition of the ’AIEE Energy Symposium on energy security
organized in cooperation withBocconi University

ENERGIA ed ECONOMIA - April/May 2018
(Energy & Economy - AIEE Newsletter)

L'energia in attesa di un Governo che possa decidere di Carlo Di Primio, Vice Presidente AIEE -  Il cammino verso la decarbonizzazione: segnali timidi se non controcorrente di Vittorio D'Ermo, Direttore Osservatorio AIEE - I mercati elettrici europei ed il Capacity market di Gianluca Carrino - Un approccio industriale per cogliere i frutti della SEN;
Il mercato dell'energia: Il mercato elettrico italiano nel mese di aprile 2018, di Francesc Marghella - Norme e delibere - Notiziedall’Italia e dal mondo - Eventi. >>>>>>>

(archivio Energia ed Economia)

Press release - Osservatorio Energia AIEE 
AIEE: Slight reduction of consumption in January

Energy Analysis & Forecasting
The AIEE provides in-depth analyzes and scenarios of short, medium and long terms that form the basis for the development of strategies, valuation of investments and business decisions at global and regional levels.
An analyses of the trend of international and national markets developed by a highly qualified team of professionals.

Energy Analysis & Forecasting Quarterly Report
This service makes possible to keep up to date with the evolution of the demand and of fuels cost, the competitiveness between various sources, in order to optimize the short and medium term contracts of energy supply. It provides a quarterly report on the price situation of the main energy products (oil, petroleum products, gas, coal, electricity) and their evolution during the months to follow with estimates of the fuel and of the electricity and gas tariffs..

The Energy Price Forecast - Monthly Forecast
Offers a monthly forecast of the trend of energy demand and of the prices of the energy products, providing short-term forecasts, necessary for estimating the fuel costs of the electricity generation The management of the new types of energy contacts represents a great challenge that requires a specific type of information and the right instruments:

oil & futures; petroleum products; coal, gas prices on the European hubs; monitoring the Italian gross inland consumption; the National Single Price of electricity (PUN); the costs of thermoelectric generation; the gas fuel; the avoided fuel cost >>>>>>>>>>